Toad is an aider to Princess Peach and is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is also Albo's favorite Mario character, although it is said many people don't like him, who Albo calls "Toadists". Toad (much like Yoshi) is one who represents their species more than the others. For example, we see Toad more than other Toads like Blue Toad.

Appearences in Alexandthomas Productions Videos.Edit

Toad has appeared several times in the Alexandthomas videos, and has a three part tribute to him Toad and His Troop as well as a single video called...Toad Tribute!

Toad may appear in more videos, with him being Albo's favorite Mario character. He also appears in


Toad from the game Super Mario Galaxy.

Alboandmario's videos along with Albotheawesome, both being subsitue accounts.

Mario History (Games only).Edit

Toad first made his appearence in Super Mario Bros as a Mushroom Retainer, a group of Toads who try to protect Princess Peach.

It was Super Mario Bros 2 that Toad became playable, trying to save the land of Subcon ruled by a frog names Wart. Toad is the worst jumper, but is the fastest of the gang and digs through sand and picks vegetables faster.

In Super Mario Bros 3, Toad is back to non-playable. He runs the Toad Houses, where he says

A Red Toad

"Pick a box. It's contents will help you along your way."

Toad also hosts other Mini-Games, like in one if the Mario Bros win, they can get extra lives.

In Super Mario 64, Toad (and more Toads) were sealed in the castle walls by Bowser (or Bowsy XD). Toad plays a minor role being the first Toad Mario talks to and explains what Bowsy did. Toad doesn't do that much than give the player tips.

In the DS version, Toad is given more personality (like being scared of Wario and thinking Luigi is Mario in green). If the player loses his cap in one world and gets a Star in another, Toad will be wearing the player's cap and then return it, explaining he found it in the castle. He also appears in a fiew Mini-Games.

In Super Mario Sunshine, Toad (wearing a red vest) is one out of five young Toads that accompany Princess Peach and Mario to their vacation to Isle Delfino. When they arrive, the island is a mess because of Shadow Mario, Mario's evil doppelganger. Toad just gives advice, like he has in previous games.

New Super Mario Bros doesn't have Toad, although there is official artwork of him taken from Super Mario 64 DS. The Toad Houses are run by Toadsworth.

New Super Mario Bros Wii doesn't actually have a playable Toad, but playable TOADS. Blue Toad and Yellow Toad are playable while Toad is back to running the Toad Houses. Toad plays a major role in the game. After the playable completes World 1 Level 3, (which is the first level with Yoshi) Toad comes to the player saying he got a note from Bowser Jr saying that he would kidnap Toads and stuff them into ? Blocks. If Mario is alone, Toad would be kidnapped by a Giant Goomba.

The Super Mario Galaxy SeriesEdit

In Super Mario Galaxy, Toad is shown with a blue vest for official artwork, although he wears a red vest in the game. He is also the captain of the Toad Brigade. It is likely he is one of the Toads that escaped the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom, along with the other Toads and Luigi. In one part, the Toads would get lost and Mario would find them. The Toads have their own spaceships called the Starshroom.

Sometimes, Toad can be lazy throughout the journey. But since he also is loyal, Toad would return to help his friends defeat Bowser. The following galaxy game starring Mario (known as Super Mario Galaxy) Toad is again red vest yet blue vested on the box cover. Toad is still captain of the Toad Brigade, and he is cowardly but loyal. There is a mission where the player needs to go look for Toad, who was lost in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. The Starshroom follow Mario's ship called Starship Mario. In the end, Toad and his brigade accompany Mario after his victory over Bowsy.

The Mario Kart Series and a ToadEdit

Toad is playable in all Mario Kart games, earning a few of his own tracks, such as Toad's Turnpike, Toad's Factory, and Toad Circuit. Toad is usually a lightweight character and one of the fastest.


Toad from Super Mario Kart

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