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The Sodor Colony as seen for Christmas.

The Sodor Colony is the fictional area where The Sodor Colony (series) takes place.

Similarities and Differences to The Island of SodorEdit

The stations and areas on The Sodor Colony are very similar to the ones on The Island of Sodor. Stations (such as Knapford and Maithwaite) are generally the same, but The Sodor Colony also introduces newer areas and buildings (e.g. The Sodor Sturdy, Toad Town). Characters are generally the same also, but some new ones, like Jerry the Brakevan, are introduced.

Genral AreaEdit

The Sodor Colony is thought to be located off the coast of Sodor, and that they're both connected by a rail connection. The engines from Sodor (e.g. Thomas, Percy) sometimes travel to help with The Sodor Colony. Not much is known after that, except that it has a separate hidden rail connection to London (introduced in The Alexandthomas Christmas Special).

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