This is the second Take-Along movie.


On Sodor, Diesel 10 returns to wreck havoc. But this time, he isn't alone. He's rounded up all the road vehicles and diesels to help him destroy the steamies reputation. At a meeting, Edward the Blue Engine decides eavesdropping is nessacary. Afterwards, he attempts to tell the engines what he heard, but they won't listen and think he was lieing. Toby the Tram Engine returns home worried, in case Edward was right. The next day, Toby accidently shows himself in front of Diesel 10, and a chase begins. Toby tricks Diesel 10 to crash through Knapford Station in the chase. Sir Topham Hatt (aka fatty) scolds Diesel 10 for the damage. Diesel 10 then swears the get revenge on the steamies and takes away their frieght and stores it in the large travel tote.

    Over the next few days, engines disappear, and by the end, only a few are left. Work is harder, and the island is in ruins because of the diesels. Thomas narrowly escapes what has been causing the dissapearence of their friends; a giant machine-robot thingy that snacks on engines. A chase scene is once again in the movie. Thomas, like Toby, tricks the machine to crash through Knapford Station. Thomas then finds out all the engines were hidden, not destroyed. Even though the machine has fallen, it isn't dead, proved by when the two meet again at the docks, with the Steam Team and the Diesels. The road vehicles had turned over the the steamies side. Soon, both groups cower behind, and Thomas and the machine are alone. Suddenly, Cranky helps witht the swing of his hook and whaps the robot in the face, killing it. Thomas frees the freight, and takes Annie and Clarabel for a ride. They sit perched on the peak, overlooking the island's panoramic view.



A deleted scene surrounds a nightime conversation of Oliver and Culdee, in which Oliver was spying on the Coaling Plant.

It is unknown how the machine could have made engines disappear.

This movie took the longest to make, and is the second longest, about 22-23 minutes long in total, only being beaten by A Titanic Special.

THE ACTUAL MOVIE ITSELF (in summary, Meh)Edit

Take Along Thomas Movie The Ultimate Strikeback Part 210:38

Take Along Thomas Movie The Ultimate Strikeback Part 2

Part 2

A Take-Along Thomas Movie The Ultimate Strikeback Part 112:49

A Take-Along Thomas Movie The Ultimate Strikeback Part 1

Part 1

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