this is the first take along movie


thomas goes to visit the quarry. While he is there Diesel 10 starts causing touble, he releases the trucks off the incline causing them to crash in to the sodor sturdy, which causes it to colapse (again) on Donald and Douglas.Then Emily climbs the incline and it collapses. Thomas returns and toby tells him about Diesel 10. The railway is closed and a ship comes to clean up the mess but it is to slow. So Thomas asks the douplos to help. They agree. But all of the engines brake down. Douplo Percy finds a repair men and he fixes all the engines. Diesel 10 starts chasing thomas but thomas escapes on the ship. Diesel 10 is captured. Percy returns and all the engines celebrate.


originally diesel 10 was supposed to trick emily into climbing the incline but the scene was cut

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