School Assignment Science Genetic Disorder Project Down syndrome04:20

School Assignment Science Genetic Disorder Project Down syndrome

School Assignment Genetic Disorder Project: Down syndrome is a video that was made for class. Unfortunately, due to the word "idiot", it was not shown.


(Watch the video or read)

Thomas begins by explaining Down syndrome, but accidently mistakes BoCo for someone affected. BoCo corrects Thomas in saying he is a diesel, and does NOT have Down syndrome. BoCo then takes on from there, leaving Thomas in pain suffering under a coach. BoCo explains the main points about the disorder.


To get it through your heads, let me explain something to sum it up in one sentence... DOWN SYNDROME can affect people in many ways, and they are not good ways. I'm gonna get a bad grade on this one I thinks.


The video was supposed to be 6 minutes, but was trimmed down to 4:20 (which 2 seconds is left out).

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