Bobtheplowengine is the 5th edition to Alexandthomas Productions. The channel is to surround a little green train named Bob Albo created in Math. Yes, it was relevant to the notes YOU LADY!!

Creation of Bob and about HimEdit

Bob was created in 2011 in Math class when Albo's teacher was talking away about HOW PARELLEL LINES DO NOT INTERSECT (it's the book's fault it's so boring). Albo drew two cartoon trains (one kind of based on Thomas the Tank Engine, his other friend later named Jay is really based on nothing). Later, Albo took to the fact Bob should be in more notes and a story collection is planned for the future. Bob and Jay have been specified to work at the Albo Railroad (or Albo Rail).


Like mentioned earlier, Bob and Jay both work for the Albo Railroad. Even though, only a few locations have been shown. David's Dam is located on the Hykale River, which is one of the only places described.

Bob's PersonalityEdit

Bob is a kind engine, yet sometimes tends to seek for attention, usually bursting into writing at the wrong time. Even though, sometimes he can be smart, explaining complicated equations to the average person. Why Bob looks for attention, no one knows. He was created like that.




Number 12

Robert (Coming Soon)

Johnny(same thing as above)

Bob's Part in the Sodor ColonyEdit

While Bob's role in his stories are often being the main character, he also has a special role in The Sodor Colony YouTube series as the only scratch-made engine. His design bears resemblence to how he looks in his series, but now has a bunker (as he is a modified Thomas). His personality is slightly different, as he is not attention-seeking anymore. He is set to appear in The Alexandthomas Christmas Special of 2012, proven by his appearance in a promo for the special.
IMG 1929

The Christmas Special Promo Picture of Bob and Thomas.


Bob The Plow Engine Vainty and Sanity02:47

Bob The Plow Engine Vainty and Sanity

The First Story

Bob's Real Tomy Model and Test Run00:57

Bob's Real Tomy Model and Test Run

Bob's Tomy Model

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