Alexandthomas is the main center of the Alexandthomas Productions.

Channel TitleEdit

Alexandthomas 400 Subscribers!! :D

Channel Description (About Alexandthomas 400 Subscribers!! :D)Edit

Alexandthomas Productions is Epicness since 2008 :D

Disclaimer: My content is (mostly) original. Whoever said that whatever I made up is theirs are liars. And I make my subscribers off my own videos. But I am content with how many I have. It's better than what I had 3 years ago x).

My videos mostly surround Thomas related stuff, hence my name. I'm the creator, director, narrator, and producer for the Sodor Colony. I basically do everything, besides the music. That I don't do. I know you may not like them, but I like making them. So live with it. I may make other videos sometime too. If you want a video you think I'm capable of, suggest it to me.

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Channel HistoryEdit

Albo decided to create a YouTube channel and on September 15, 2008, Alexandthomas Productions was born. For a year or two, the channel was VERY inactive, with only two videos by 2011. A few videos were between the current third video, but they were deleted. But during that year, more videos were coming and coming and by July 2011, Alexandthomas Productions can proudly hold over 200 videos to its name. All videos views together equal a total of over 3,000,000 views. The channel has been viewed over 8000 times, not very bad as well. Albo has 498 subscribers and 32 subscriptions, mostly to friends. In 2011, Albo and Kavman (Giratina1014) discovered paint-editing was possible and that sound could be there too (before that, videos were EXTREMELY primitive). Albo will continue to use Paint edited techniques but also will have movement, but the motor sounds will be taken out. Not too long after, 9thetwins taught Albo stop motion, which will probably be used in future videos and has been in 100 SUBSCRIBERS CELEBRATION!.

The videos now being made are created in Windows Live Movie Maker, the first editing software used in Alexandthomas Productions. Now, it is possible to add sound effects, music, and voice recordings into the videos

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