A titanic special

A Titanic Special Promo Picture

A Titanic Special was a 5 part, 29 minute special made to celebrate the titanic's 100th aniversery. In the special titanic goes on a memorial voyage but something goes wrong. Meanwhile Thomas runs away and they have to face titanic's worst enemy.


This is the longst Alexandthomas video made, about 29 minutes long.

The original version was relased in 5 parts, but the special was again relased in one whole video.

A Revell model RMS Titanic was used and is still in at the docks today.

The actual Titanic whistle was used for the video.


A Titanic Special Deleted Scene01:15

A Titanic Special Deleted Scene

Deleted Scene

A Titanic Special28:55

A Titanic Special

The full special

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