100 SUBSCRIBERS CELEBRATION! is a video created to celebreate Albo's 100 subscribers. The video features the song Scatman by Scatman John (the song belongs to SME and EMI). Stop motion and old clips were mainly used in this video.


To commemorate 100 subscribers, I put this video together. Song is Scatman by Scatman John. I OWN NOTHING. Credit to SME and EMI (sorry if I spelled you're names wrong) I especially want to thank all the friends, classmates, and those people. Also, I'd like to acknowledge 9thetwins, whom I don't even know in real life and he taught me so much. Hey man, if you want me to teach ya something, just tell me! THANKS PEOPLE!!!!







  • The model RMS Titanic shown in the video will be used in The Railway Colony Series.
  • Laffing Sal from the Playland exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers is shown here 9that wasn;t her actual laugh).
  • The dancing Purple Toad is from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • At some points, the volume goes higher than normal. That is because Albo (aka ME) was playing with the volume at the time out or random boredom.
  • Clips from the Playland at The Conservatory of Flowers are used.
  • When this video was uploaded, Alexandthomas actually had 101 subscribers.

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